Tips for preparing for a merchant marine beyond 12

Marine courses are very work-oriented. The shipping industry is thriving. The merchant marine transport sector helps transport goods and people from one place to another. This means that companies around the world rely directly or indirectly on the shipping industry. In this industry, trained and qualified personnel must operate smoothly. Marine Engineering Colleges Merchant allows students to play a variety of roles in the shipping industry. So if you’re a merchant ship, navy courses can help.  However, to be part of the merchant marine community, you need to make decisions, get enough information, and stay in shape. There are various Top Merchant Navy Colleges In India.

Plan a study course: After joining the training institution, before the 7-hour training, you need to split the day to study each subject. The curriculum covers topics such as math, English, chemistry, physics, and G.K. The art of planning will never disappoint you, just follow your plan correctly and give more time to difficult problems, and you will be ready to start.

Observe priorities: Before joining, you need to order the course you want to attend. There are numerous Merchant Navy Courses After 12th.

  • Nautical Science Diploma
  • 3 year course in nautical science
  • 4-year course in marine engineering.
  • 2 year course for graduates
  • One year course in postgraduate mechanical engineering
  • 3-month course for cadets and others.

Pre-deciding on a course allows you to focus on your goals and focus on your preferred career. Many students choose diploma in nautical science. The period is one year, to get a quick job.


How to join the Merchant Navy after the 12th

After Class 12, you are eligible to study the following merchant ship courses:

B.Sc Science

B.E. Marine Engineering

Naval architecture and offshore engineering

B.E. Petroleum Engineering

Mechanical engineering

B.E. Harbour & Ocean Engineering

Civil engineering

Electrical and electronic engineering

B.Sc Catering Marine

Electro Technical Officer Course

How to join the Merchant Navy after the 10th

After doing, Merchant Navy Courses After 10th you can join merchant navy.

Near coastal voyages (NCV)

The Diploma of Nautical Science (DNS)

Commercial Diving

G.P. ratings

Eligibility criteria for merchant navy job

You have completed Class 12 in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The candidate must be a single Indian citizen (male or female).

Normal vision is required, but about 2.5 glasses are available.

Admission is conducted through screening and primary written exams after admission.

After the examination, interviews and medical examination can be performed.

You must also complete the Ship Training Course before you work. The course is usually a short-term in Merchant Navy Colleges one in which candidates is taught basic nautical safety concerns. There are several private agencies that offer merchant naval training. These laboratories prepare students for work such as deck candidates and marine engineering jobs.

Conclusion: Merchant marine courses are perfect for those who are looking for jobs that are cooked with raw adventure, momentary excitement, pride and honour, and serve for a fraction of the money. The Merchant Navy can give you everything a healthy job can provide.


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