Joining Merchant Navy: one of the unique career options What makes Merchant Navy so popular among the individuals?

To be a merchant naval officer is a challenging task.

Unlike Defense Navy, this service is not limited to a particular country rather the entire world. It is the duty of the merchant navy for secured shipping of goods and passengers to and from various destinations. Those ships are not meant for combat rather only for commercial purpose. Just like defence in navy, the merchant naval officers have to spend most of their life travelling in the ship. Both government and private shipping companies recruit these officers.


What is the eligibility criteria?

  • Both men and women can join the service.
  • The individual is expected to be unmarried when he or she joins the service.
  • The candidate should pass the secondary and higher secondary exams from a recognized board of government of India.
  • The candidate should be within the age limit of 17-25 years of age.
  • A person suffering from colour blindness is not allowed to submit Merchant Navy Forms. He/she should be physically fit. It is mandatory to submit a medical certificate thoroughly assessed by a medical practitioner.

Merchant Navy courses after 10th :

After passing the secondary exam, the candidate should undergo General Purpose Rating Course. It is a 6 months course. One can be recruited in the cooking department, engine maintenance or get the charge of deck service after successful completion of the course. Merchant Navy after 10th Application Form allows the interested candidates to become a part of the reputable service at an early age.

Merchant Navy courses after 12th :

After completing the higher secondary exams, the individual candidates gets much bigger opportunities. The recruitment procedure is smooth and training methodologies are efficient. There are so many ways to join the Merchant Navy.

  • He/she can pursue Bachelor degree from Merchant Navy Colleges in Nautical science for 3 years and get recruited as a deck officer. He/she should be physically fit as well.
  • If the candidate wants to work towards the technical department, he/she can opt for Marine engineering for 4 years. There are 20 Marine Engineering colleges in India that are offering graduate programs.
  • Maritime catering is another area where recruitment takes place. It comes in two wings. Either the candidate can opt a B.Sc in catering for 3 years from a Marine Institute in India or a 6 months training course on maritime catering from top Merchant Navy Colleges in India.

Conclusion: Merchant Navy is a suitable career option that requires leadership and managerial skills. The shipping industry has become a good source of employment and recruitment since ages. The employee gets the opportunity to see new countries and make good experiences in the field of maritime responsibilities. All the actions and steps are bound to follow under government body regulations. Just like the soldiers of our country, Indian Navy is also equally responsible for proper functioning of the defense mechanism of our country.

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