How to be a captain of the Merchant Navy

If you are passionate about the sea and want to travel around the world, that of Merchant Navy Courses In India may be the most suitable profession for you. But anticipate that reaching this range is not easy; it requires having the corresponding university degree and also other official degrees.

What is the Merchant Navy?

This is the name given to the set of ships that are used for commercial purposes to transport goods or people by sea.

Sometimes the terms Merchant Marine and Civil Navy have been confused. In fact, we can affirm that the Civil Navy is any one that does not have a military purpose, which is why the Merchant Navy is classified as one of the subtypes within the Civilian.


Duties of Merchant Marine Captain

This Merchant Navy Career is responsible for taking over the command of vessels that are dedicated to all types of navigation without limitation, except those established by legislation with respect to fishing vessels.

The title of Merchant Marine Captain qualifies to exercise as first bridge officer on merchant ships without any limitation. It also enables the professional exercise of all activities related to the maritime profession.

Requirements to become the title of Merchant Marine Captain

    • Be in possession of the title of graduate or graduate in nautical and maritime transport.
    • Possess the professional title of pilot of first or pilot of second of the Merchant Navy.
    • Have a minimum experience of 36 months as a bridge officer or a minimum experience of 24 months if you have worked as a captain or first bridge officer in a period of embarkation of at least 12 months.
    • Have the medical examination carried out by the Social Institute of the Navy in force .

Degree in nautical and maritime transport

While to design ships you must be a naval engineer, to be able to work on ship different requirements and qualifications are required depending on the position to be held.

In the specific case of the Merchant Marine Captain, the first requirement is to be in possession of the Degree in nautical and maritime transport, with a total of 240 credits from Top Marine Engineering Colleges In India.

The subjects of the Merchant Navy Courses are divided into generic and specific. Thus allowing students to receive extensive training that enables them to carry out the tasks of operation, nautical management, government maneuvers, cargo and safety, commercial operation of ships, planning and management.

The new study plans of Marine Engineering Courses In India also seek to train students in transversal competences that allow them to later develop their profession in the best possible way. That is why they are trained in issues such as teamwork, social responsibility and communication.

The study program includes very diverse subjects, among them we can highlight:

    • Mathematics.
    • English.
    • Ship theory.
    • Navigation.
    • Maritime security.
    • Graphic expression.
    • Naval hygiene and occupational risks.
    • Investigation of maritime accidents.
    • Maritime Law.
  • Special transports.


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