Know the basics about making your career in merchant navy.

As the term suggests, the merchant navy mainly is linked with commercial operations, including the transportation of people as well as freight by sea. It has particularly nothing to do with the military naval forces, and as we’ve seen, the Merchant Navy ships are made up of commercial containers, cargo ships, passenger boats, and so forth. The merchant navy is a highly fascinating job since it allows you to travel to many intriguing and exotic locations, and your life would be full of experiences that you would be pleased to tell your kids as bedtime stories.


The major attraction, though, is that there’s always a tempting salary associated, and the quick development prospects more often than not compensate for the extended periods of absence apart from the home as well as family and also the real hard work. There are a lot of Merchant Navy Colleges in which you can take admission.


Merchant navy is indeed an integral part of any international trading because, no matter exactly what new forms of communication emerge, transportation of products and cargos can never be ruled out. Most of the international commerce rely upon the Merchant Navy’s services, and without that, most of the enterprises will suffer. As a result, specialist qualified professionals are required to work in the various positions required to oversee the activities. Merchant Navy Courses will always help you out.


If you actually want to work in the merchant navy, you must have a stronger and athletic attitude in addition to a robust as well as healthier physical build. You must be open to the newer experiences and adaptable enough to embrace unpleasant situations. You must be motivated to pursue higher education, as well as strive to a better and more responsible position at work. You must be willing to participate in the team activities and also have a basic level of common sense and intellect to deal with the many difficulties that arise in this sector. Diploma in Nautical Science is a great option.


You should be prepared to experience the sea sick almost all of the time, and if you can’t manage that, this is actually not the trip for you. You should also be prepared to stay away from the home for extended periods of time and not get homesick. Merchant Navy Application Form is easy to fill up.


Marine engineers, navigation officers, as well as radio officers have the most essential job duties throughout the Merchant Navy. In most cases, shipping corporations engage these specialists on the contract basis for a limited time. Although only males have been seen operating in this field in the past, females now participates in the Merchant Navy too. Graduate Marine Engineering for the best future.


Most of those works are completed in three areas: the service section, the deck, as well as the engine. Therefore, if you are a college student wanting to join the Merchant Navy as well as achieve your ambitions, you could apply to these departments.

All the important information that you need to know about merchant navy.

So you actually want to be an officer within the merchant navy? You must have heard all the tales about getting paid to go to different places, haven’t you? What about the tales about the woman at each and every port? And you’ve probably heard about the fascinating life that the sailors lead, correct? Is it true that these stories exist? Do you believe you have what it takes to sail the higher seas? So, I’m here to actually tell you all about the Actual merchant navy; several things that you’ve heard are genuine, while others are not. Many of the individuals been actually sailing for 30 years, so you can easily get an insider’s perspective.

As the name implies, merchant ships transport goods. Cargo might include containers, oil, people, animals, massive ore, and so on.

So, what exactly is the merchant navy’s appeal? Money and international travel are usually the first two things that spring to mind. Other advantages include tax-free income, rapid promotions, and an interesting life. The major attraction, though, is a solid pay. You get big pay checks and don’t have to pay taxes. Merchant Navy Training can easily be done.

You begin earning a large income at an early age. Don’t quote us on the number because it depends totally upon the type of ship as well as the business you join! Officers are typically hired on a contractual basis. Junior officers are on the board for 4-6 months, while the senior officers are on board for 3 to 4 months. You can go to the best Merchant Navy Institute in India.

Some firms pay you all year, while others just pay you during the holidays. Your yearly pay, nevertheless, will stay the same. Why do the ship owners actually pay you so much? Isn’t there going to be a catch? The catch is that you are needed to be away from the home for lengthy periods of time. Actually, you actually spend the majority of your time at water rather than on the land. Yes, you get to go to other countries, but times have changed. It’s not like you arrive at a harbour and everyone walks ashore. Merchant Navy Institute will always help you out.

Work always continues in shifts, with each officer and crew member operating in turn. You are totally free to go ashore after your watch is through, but remember that you must return to work after your particular shore leave. So you may either sleep or otherwise go ashore. Work upon a ship is never done. The ship owner makes money as long as the particular ship is doing something – sailing, loading / unloading cargo. Merchant Navy Colleges in India are actually reasonable. Port visits have been reduced significantly, thus the ship is only in port for a brief period of time. In general, this is dependent on the sort of ship. Container ships are particularly in the port for some hours, oil tankers for specifically 24 hours, as well as cargo ships and otherwise bulk carriers are all in the port for a longer period of time. Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India has been doing an excellent work.

If you wanted to join merchant navy know the requirements

Merchant ships are the backbone of international trade and transport cargo around the world. Without merchant ships, many import and export businesses would be at a standstill. Public and private sector shipping companies operate the Merchant Ship Navy. Merchant ships are maintained by a crew of experienced navigators and naval engineers. The lives of people working on merchant ships are unusual, as work involves traveling for quite a long time. The Diploma in Nautical Science is a one-year course in Nautical Science and Marine Studies with two semesters for students.

Without shipment, it is impossible to import and export products of the scale required by modern society. Maritime trade continues to expand, benefiting consumers around the world through competitive freight rates. It can be said to be the second line of defense. The outlook for further growth in the industry remains strong, thanks to more efficient shipping as a means of transportation and further economic liberalization. For merchant course to need to first fill the Merchant Navy Application Form.

A career on a merchant ship allows you to travel around the world. Racing in the ocean will take you to a great place, no matter how fast the world changes. The opportunity to use cutting-edge technology and acquire practical and technical skills makes life fun and exciting. With the help of Merchant Navy Colleges you will able to go in merchant navy.

The Graduate School of Marine Engineering (GME) course provides mechanical engineering graduates with a one-year course and the opportunity to enter a commercial ship by becoming a Graduate Marine Engineering. If you dreamed of joining a merchant ship when you were young, here are some career opportunities:

On deck: Chief Officer, captain. 2, 3, Deck Cadet Apprentice

Engine Division: Chief Engineer, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and Cadets Apprentice

If you are adventurous and love traveling and exploring, merchant ships may be the perfect career option for you. At the same time, as being very satisfying and challenging, working on a merchant ship also has a good payroll system. There are several other reasons to consider a Merchant Navy Courses

  • Cultural confluence
  • Improve professionalism
  • long vacation
  • Favorable payment package
  • Opportunity to interact with different people and cultures in different countries.
  • This career promises rapid growth.
  • There is employment security by choosing the working period.
  • Excellent accommodation on board.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Students who have completed Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in Class 12 are eligible to join the merchant marine.
  • 10 + 2 (‘A’ Levels) with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics with a minimum of 60% grades in PCM or B.Sc. Graduates with 60% of qualifications in the last year must earn a minimum of 50% English grades at level 10 + 2 or 10.
  • Admission is offered through a CET IMU entrance exam, followed by a screening test and a written test.
  • After the approval of these tests, an interview and a medical test are conducted.
  • Before getting on board, the applicant must complete a ship training course.

Start your carrier in the merchant navy

The opportunity to travel the world and the temptation of adventure on the high seas attracts many young people seeking a career on a merchant ship, in addition to their high-paying potential. The Merchant Ship Navy differs from the Navy in that it provides commercial services, unlike the Navy, which is primarily dedicated to national defense.

Merchant ships are the backbone of international trade and transport cargo around the world. Merchant ships employ a large number of workers to transport and deliver goods from one country to another. The Merchant Navy Institute will help you to have good position in Merchant Navy. Without merchant ships, you would shut down many of the import and export businesses altogether!

A career on a merchant ship is seen as an attractive job, especially for those who travel worms that have bitten. It offers the opportunity to visit new and exotic places around the world. A career on a merchant ship is not only financially rewarding but also satisfying and very rewarding.

Eligibility criteria

  • Eligibility to participate in a merchant ship is to complete class 12 in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • Candidates must be single Indian citizens (male or female).
  • Normal eyesight is required, but you can use glasses up to plus or minus 2.5.
  • Admission is from the entrance, followed by screening tests and major written exams.
  • After passing the exam, you will have an interview and a medical test.

You must also complete the Merchant Navy Training course before you get a job. Courses are generally short, and candidates are taught basic travel safety concerns.

Several private institutions also provide training for merchant ships. These laboratories prepare students for deck cadets and marine engineering jobs.

Merchant ship entrance exam

After completing the 12th class, interested candidates can take the Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Examination (IMU CET) or the All-Indian Merchant Shipping Entrance Examination. After clearing the exam you will get chance in Top Merchant Navy Colleges In India for future study. This exam usually takes place in May. Other exams that also act as a gateway for marine engineering are the JEE, MERI entrance exams, and TIMSAT.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The G.P. classification course is 10th.

For Deck Cadets and Motor Cadets: 10 + 2, 60% PCM.

You can apply for the exam online. Applicants must provide a short 100-word summary with the application form stating why they are applying to the merchant ship.

The Merchant Navy Institute In India is located in a strategic location within the country and aims to provide training to applicants who wish to join this non-combat commercial force.

There are many Merchant Navy Colleges In India which will help you to choose the best for merchant training.

Responsibilities on the boat:

As an officer, you will work on the deck or in the engineering department. The exact duties depend on the rank. Some responsibilities include:

  • Supervision and maintenance of safety on the ship;
  • Checking of meteorological and navigation reports;
  • Supervise the operation and take appropriate actions, if necessary;
  • Coordinate the safe loading, storage, and unloading of cargo;
  • Maintain legal and operational records;
  • Use a variety of satellite and radar systems to navigate the boat.

Why should you choose merchant navy as your ultimate career?

Most young people want to work in the merchant navy. By pursuing a career in the Merchant Navy, you would become more experienced in your life. You can mix several diverse aspects and acquire a great deal of experience in terms of adaptability as well as travel. However, not everyone is cut out for a career in the Merchant Navy. As for all careers, there are certain drawbacks to this one. So, in this section, we will go through all of the benefits and drawbacks of joining the Merchant Navy.


The Advantages of choosing Merchant Navy as your career-


So, in this segment, we will go into the benefits of joining the Merchant Navy.


High Wage- There is particularly few positions throughout the world that pay such a higher salary to the entry-level officers. This is indeed a major motivator for most of the young people to enter the Merchant Navy. You will enter the merchant navy just after finishing ninth, twelfth, or otherwise graduation at an early age. So, if you actually want to start earning money at a younger age, this would be the work for you. Anyone’s pay in the merchant marine is determined by their background, rank, organization, and ship. As a result, the wage will still be determined by the above considerations. You should always get the Merchant Navy Training.


Tax Advantages- A citizen’s duty is to pay taxes. We should pay out taxes in order for our country to prosper. However, if you want to work throughout the Merchant Navy, you might be excluded from paying taxes. If you meet the conditions to be excluded from paying taxes. If you want to work in the Merchant Navy as a profession, you would need to serve a minimum of 6 months on service aboard a channel in order to be excluded from paying any taxes for that fiscal year. Try to find the best Merchant Navy Institute in India.



Electro Technical Officer



Less Challenging Qualification- If you have completed your tenth grade and are looking for a decent career, and then the Merchant Navy is indeed a good choice. After finishing tenth, twelfth, or college, you will enter the Merchant Navy. If you don’t wish to continue your education after the tenth grade for any reason and somehow want to do a great job, the Merchant Navy seems to be a good choice. However, if you entered the Merchant Navy after completing just the tenth grade, you will be unable to serve as an officer. You will join out as a crew member. Your pay scale would be lower than that of police. Merchant Navy Institute will always help you out.


Meeting out People from Different Cultures- as a Merchant Marine Professional, you would undoubtedly come into contact with people from various cultures as well as nationalities. As a result, you will be familiar with various cultures. Merchant Navy Colleges in India have been doing a great work. As a result, you will perform better as a particular team member. You will be aware of what is going on in other nations. How they live within their respective nations. What are their various festivals? You will have a good time together. You can easily find the Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India through the internet.

Know the basic information about merchant navy

A career in the Merchant Navy is just not only financially lucrative, but also very satisfying and demanding. No matter how much the climate evolves, a career at the sea with specialized preparation will serve you well.

As a member of the Merchant Navy, you can work with the cutting-edge technology while learning a variety of practical and technological skills. Time spent offshore is counted in weeks and months, not days, in a particular mariner’s career. There are a lot of Merchant Navy Colleges in the world.

The maritime shipping industry is referred to as the Merchant Navy. The industry includes the transport of goods as well as passengers around the universe through the sea routes. The term “Merchant Navy” refers to a fleet of ships which is used only for commercial purposes. You should always choose the best Merchant Navy Courses.

The business transportation industry is all worked out from the merchant navy. The Merchant navy seems to be the backbone of foreign commerce, transporting freight and all commercial water-borne transport around the globe. Passengers are included in waterborne traffic. You can also do the Diploma in Nautical Science.

The object of the Merchant Navy is entirely economic, as opposed towards the aim of a nation’s “Navy.” A country’s Navy is indeed a military force that is active in the country’s security. The primary function of a country’s navy is to protect ands well as defend the country’s maritime boundaries and sea regions. You can easily find the Merchant Navy Application Form.

A substantial number of people are working on merchant ships. These vessels transport and deliver goods from particularly one country to the other. In the absence of the Merchant Navy, Almost all of the specific import-export trade will come to a screeching halt! Merchant ships can also take part in explorations or transport passengers within the ports. You should Graduate Marine Engineering and then think of the future.

Ships and warships in the Merchant Navy are regulated by both the private as well as governmental transportation and ship maintenance corporations.

As a particular Merchant Navy member, you can serve in any of the three divisions on a dock. The department into which you are inducted is entirely determined by your prior education at the specific time of entry.

Deck Department: This department of a particular vessel is already in charge of navigation, as well as cargo operations as well as berthing instruments located on the particular vessel’s deck. Deck Officers are in charge of ship navigation as well as all non-technical operations and facilities. The Commander, who’s also actually the apex head of particularly all the other divisions, is always at the top of that ladder.

Engine Department: Engineers as well as ratings are primarily responsible for the installation and repair of a vessel’s machinery throughout the engine room. This room contains the vessel’s fueling/propulsion system. Engineers and otherwise Electro-technical Officers ensure that the motors, as well as other mechanical, electrical, and electronic devices, machines, structures, and procedures, operate smoothly. The Chief Engineer has to be at the apex and reports to the Captain of the ship.


In countries like India, where parents are worried about choosing the best career path over their children, choosing a career on an Indian merchant ship is most in demand, especially after the 12th semester. A merchant ship, also known as a merchant ship or merchant ship, is a “fleet of merchant ships registered in a particular country.” Since these vessels carry heavy cargo from one country to another, the mission involves many sea trips.

In addition to the lucrative monetary rewards that often appeal to parents, teenagers with an adrenaline rush who want the appeal of adventures on the high seas can develop their careers on the merchant ships. If you have such a big dream and want to excel in your life, all you need to do is complete the 12th board exam first and enrol in the Graduate Marine Engineering course.

What is a merchant ship?

Unlike the Indian Navy, which is deeply involved in national defence, merchant ships can provide commercial services and travel around the world. In addition, the Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, shipping goods to different countries. Without merchant ships, many of the world’s most important export activities would cease.

For those who have been bitten by the travel virus, working in the Merchant Ship Navy will take them all over the world, including some of the rarest places on earth. In addition to being sexy and attractive, she brings enormous financial benefits.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind before joining a merchant ship.

Appropriate qualification

Like most professions, this job requires appropriate qualifications. Due to the special nature of the work onboard, it is also necessary to define appropriate skills for this line of work. Every onboard workflow actually requires a very focused skill set to apply. Therefore, there are many Merchant Navy Colleges to choose from, and the appropriate institution should also be considered.

Choose the right job: As mentioned above, the correct stream should be chosen by someone who matches their interest in that particular field of study followed by work.

Merchant ships offer many work options, from technical professionals to non-technical professionals. Radio officers, captains, good sailors, chiefs, chief officers, second officers are the kind of jobs available to those interested. For example, if you want to become a navigation officer in the merchant navy, you can do a Diploma In Nautical Science.

You are the best judge of your abilities, so choose your Merchant Navy Courses accordingly. Some positions take on high responsibilities and must be prepared to do their best.

Health and Fitness: Not only do you need academic excellence, but you also need to be in good physical condition. Of course, Navy officers spend most of the year on the water, so the ocean tests your mental, physical, and human endurance. Fitness tests are conducted on a regular basis. If a problem occurs before boarding, the applicant will not be able to rejoin the ship. Eye and hearing tests are also done on a regular basis.  

There are several Merchant Navy Colleges in India that offer a variety of courses. Enrol in your favourite university by filling up an online Merchant Navy Application Form, earn a degree and pursue a career at sea.

Why Merchant Marine Jobs is a good career option in India

Merchant ships differ from the Indian Navy because they are non-combat merchant ships. The ship can be intended for cargo and passengers, but mainly for the first. Therefore, young graduates should not be confused with Indian merchant ships and the navy.

As the economies of different countries develop, they need raw materials to make them work. And the best way to import and export goods is by sea. Therefore, the business of the merchant marine would be required by the state to bring in and take out such large quantities of cargo.

Therefore, Top Merchant Navy Colleges In India is looking for applications from graduates. However, before considering joining a merchant ship, you should be aware of the benefits of this job.

Why should you join a merchant ship?

Merchant ships are not very popular with young graduates, so they do not resemble engineering or medical jobs. But now it is becoming more and more popular due to the special advantages of this business.

Here are a few:

Mediocre educational qualifications: The first great thing about the Merchant Marine is that it requires a Mediocre educational qualification. This means you don’t need to have a great academic record like a job in engineering or medicine.

If they are looking for graduates, they will not ask for the lowest or minimum marks; you are just required to pass. Therefore, if you have a low or intermediate level of education, you can also apply for Merchant Navy. There are lots of Merchant Navy Colleges In India that offers quality training.

Distinguished salary packages and benefits: This is the best part of Merchant Marine’s mission. This is his lucrative salary package and the other benefits that come with him. Now your salary is much higher compared to other types of work. Even engineers don’t earn that much like marine merchant employees.

As you know, new employee salaries can range from 50,000 rupees per month to even 100,000 rupees to 200,000 rupees a month. So there is a lot of money that you can earn even if you are young. Are you getting excited to join the merchant navy? Join Merchant Navy Training today.

Travelling and adventure abroad: This job is full of adventures as it allows you to travel to different parts of the world. You can travel almost anywhere in the world without having to pay out of pocket.

People spend hundreds of thousands of rupees on cruise ships to travel, and you’ll do it for free for your merchant marine business.

Other cultures gallery: You are in contact with other cultures that you do not know at all. Meeting others and sharing their experiences with you is a great way to learn new things in your life. So, to gain cultural exposure, choose merchant navy as a career option and join Merchant Navy Institute In India.

Tax incentives: The government also gives certain tax breaks to marine merchant employees if they meet certain criteria. They must work on a ship for at least six months.

Professionalism and discipline: This is the best part of Merchant Navy as you are more professional and disciplined. The task must be completed within the specified time. Hence, it will be more trained, which will benefit your future life.

Are you getting excited to be part of the Indian merchant navy team? Join Merchant Navy Institute today.

Why should you choose the career of merchant navy?

The Merchant Navy is actually the backbone of foreign commerce, delivering freight all over the world. Without the whole merchant navy, a large part of the import-export industry will be stopped. The Merchant Navy is run by now both public and private shipping firms.

Merchant ships are indeed maintained by qualified navigator crews and otherwise marine engineers. As work entails travel over a much longer period of time, the life of particularly those who somehow work in the Merchant Navy however is very different from average. Merchant Navy Colleges have been playing a major role from past years.

The Merchant Navy is a civilian non-combatant fleet. This domain is concerned with ferrying a large number of goods, and sometimes travelers, by boat. The main activities are carried out in three simple and basic areas of the whole ship: The Department of Deck, Engine and otherwise Service. The local merchant fleet should not be initially confused with the whole Indian Navy, which is responsible for protecting the country in the oceans and otherwise seas. There are a lot of Merchant Navy Courses from which you can opt for the best.

About 90% of the world trade is actually carried by the whole international shipping industry. There are now over 50,000 of the merchant ships trading abroad, carrying all kinds of cargo. The entire world fleet is indeed registered in more than 150 countries and has more than a million seafarers of nearly any nationality. You can also do Diploma in Nautical Science.

Without transportation, it would not be actually possible to produce and export products on the scale required for the industrial world. Seaborne trading continues to grow, offering advantages to customers around the world through all of the competitive freight rates. It may also be referred to as the second line of defense. Thanks now to the productivity of shipping as a basic mode of further transport and accelerated economic liberalization, the outlook for further happening growth of the whole industry remains high. Merchant Navy Application Form is very easy to fill.

A career somewhere in the merchant marine offers you a chance to sail around the entire world. A professional career at sea would make you somehow stand in an outstanding position, no matter how easily the climate transforms. The ability to collaborate with state-of-the-art inventions and gain realistic and technological skills will actually make life fun and exciting. You can easily Graduate Marine Engineering.

As a promising youngster, if you are thinking of joining the merchant navy, there are few prospects in this particular career path:

  • At main deck: ship’s captain, Chief Officer; Second, Third and otherwise Deck Cadet Trainee
  • Department head of Engineering: Chief Engineer, Second, third place, Fourth and perhaps Engine Cadet Trainee

If you are having an ambitious mind and want to fly and continue to explore, then the whole merchant navy might be the right career opportunity for you. A deeply rewarding and demanding career in the merchant navy also has an outstanding pay system. Here are now a few actual reasons to see the merchant navy mostly as a career:

  • makes you much accountable from a pretty early age;
  • Confluence of further Cultures
  • Enhances level of professionalism
  • Greatly extended Vacations
  • Potentially lucrative actually pay packages
  • Benefits in TAX
  • Galore popular destinations

What are the benefits of building your career in merchant navy?

The chance to fly around the globe as well as patriotism to represent the country inspires many young people to make their career in the particular field of Merchant Navy. However, it should be noted that the Merchant Fleet is a very different vehicle from the Navy, since it provides financial services, whereas the Navy is primarily engaged in the defending of a country.

Career in the merchant marine is a rare mix of diversity within a common jurisdiction. By opting for something like a merchant marine career, individuals will blend several diverse aspects and achieve a great deal of recognition in terms of further professionalism, ability to adapt as well as travel. Detailed below are some points that make merchant navy occupations so special and totally unusual. Merchant Navy Training is usually necessary.

Good Pay-Package

There are somehow very few sections of work around the entire world which pay a good kind of salary for the entry-level officers as just the job of merchant navy does. The attraction of salary contracts and wages is a very great opportunity for someone to take up a career. You can generally find good Merchant Navy Institute in India.

Tax advantages: Tax benefits

Paying taxes is a burden that everybody knows. However, persons engaged with the merchant marine shall be exempted mostly from paying the taxes provided they comply with the conditions required for exemption purposes. Merchant Navy Institute is a must thing.

The Merchant Navy is acting as a force in foreign commerce, transporting freight and delivering goods from somehow one country to the other. It must be remembered, however, that without the whole merchant navy, perhaps the import-export industry will be halted in any place. Here in this post, we will address all about the Indian Merchant Navy, including the qualifying requirements for the merchant navy programme, available careers, career opportunities, India’s highly prestigious merchant navy academy, and much more. Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India usually charges a good amount of fee.

What is the Merchant Navy? A Brief on the Post

The Merchant Navy really is perhaps one of the best areas for those particular aspirants who want to make a lot of money and sail across the oceans for some months and a year particularly does not concern you.  Merchant Navy however is a fleet of further ships responsible for transporting heavy goods from one nation to the other. It is one such basic fundamental aspect of foreign commerce, the bulk of imports and exports are carried out by ships. There is a lot of Merchant Navy Colleges in India from which you can choose the best.

Merchant Navy university courses are available at Under Graduation, Post Graduation, Diploma and otherwise Certificate levels, so the qualifying requirements for various courses vary.

Indian Merchant Navy university admission Process

Applicants may apply for this kind of Merchant Navy training courses mainly on the basis of further scores obtained in the total entrance exams. Check out the list of particular entrance exams and otherwise apply as per your own eligibility:

Applications for these kinds of exams can be further made via the total online mode. In addition to the basic application form, you will also be asked to request a short description of 100 words indicating why they want to apply for the Merchant navy.